Magical Kenya

Kenya is a country with many sites to behold, from the jungles to the white sandy beaches. Kenya is a country that is in most cases overlooked by most people. It is known only in relation to athletics and marathons.

Nairobi, the capital city is the only city in the world to boast a national park, the Nairobi national park. It is only moments away from the city as well as the airport meaning you can easily access it shortly after arriving at the airport (if you happen not to be jet lagged. Is that even possible??).

The climate is also very inviting no matter the season due to the fact that it is the tropics. The coldest it gets is 10°c which is considered freezing locally. When hot it gets to around 34°c but this is mostly in the coastal area.

Speaking of the coastal area, the country boasts one of the best beaches in the world, Diani beach. Enjoy fine soft white sand and pristine blue ocean water as you sip some coconut water. Some other activities you can enjoy while at the beach include camel riding and skydiving.

If hiking is your kind of vacation, then Mt. Kenya would be a great place to visit. It is the only snow capped mountain near the equator in the whole world. If you are a professional mountain climber, you get the opportunity to climb to the highest peak, Batian at 5199 metres. Amateurs only get to reach the lowest peak of the three, Lenana. The second is Nelion which can be tough to reach.

One can also enjoy picturesque views of the rift valley from various viewing points, one of the most common being Subukia viewing point.

This are just a few of the many activities which you can engage in while in the country. So put it on your list of places you must visit because it will be amazing to say the least. For more info you can also check out


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    👍👍👍… interesting narrative… beautiful pictures


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